About Us

ABB Advisors is an advisory firm with special focus on client growth.  We have a commitment to building strong relationships to build trust and deliver results.  Each of us has had direct responsibility for entities facing periods of significant change.  We’ve worked closely with leadership teams as well as being the “change agent” role for organizations.

With a capable and aligned leadership team businesses can achieve breakthrough performance, competing effectively in any economic environment.

We can help.


daniel_butlerDan is valued by clients for his candid style which generates the required change to be successful. Prior to joining ABB Advisors, Dan defined and led a series of major engagements for a high-paced information technology company where acquisition was a major strategy. He was in a defining position in 12 acquisitions and a key executive in seven of those businesses. During his seasoned career, Dan has overseen technology for a global high tech manufacturer, a multi-faceted financial services firm, a global industrial distributor and several health insurance companies. He is a Certified Business Intermediary, has a degree in Mathematics and has done graduate work in both Math and Business.


richard_bustamenteRichard is known for highly successful client engagements. Prior to joining ABB Advisors, Richard was a Senior Executive with a rapidly growing information technology company and was responsible for six dispersed engineering centers comprised of more than 650 systems engineers. Additionally, he led a team of systems engineers that developed and integrated a complete set of application software systems to support a worldwide digita voice and data network, which at the time was the seventh largest digital network in the United States. He has developed SAP outsourcing practices and is known for his highly successful client engagements. Richard earned a degree in Computer Science and is a graduate of the Leading Learning Community Program.